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Be careful of websites that advertise “RARE” Ragdolls.

Ragdolls are a Blue Eyed Pointed Cat!

Mink colors are not rare… they are not accepted.

Solid colors are not rare… they are not accepted.

Rare and not accepted are NOT the same thing!

Review the Ragdoll Breed Standard in CFF, CFA or TICA


Kasseldolls is a Ragdoll Cattery located in Rhode Island.

Our goal is to produce healthy, friendly and beautiful Ragdolls.

Our Cattery is registered with CFF, TICA and CFA.


If you are looking for the PURRFECT RAGDOLL …
You have come to the right place !!!


Then God said “Let there be CHOCOLATE“; and there was chocolate.
God saw that the chocolate was GOOD; and separated the light from the dark.

Welcome to the SWEET, SWEET world of

Our goal is to breed chocolate and lilac Ragdolls to perfection! We will strive for the perfect Ragdoll just as we do with all our Ragdolls. We wish to produce dilute colored Ragdolls that will be large and solid in build. The body will be wrapped in the wonderful plush bunny coat that does not require extensive grooming and does not mat. We will also strive for the deep blue eye color that the world has come to love in the Ragdoll breed!


DSC_1630 shrunk

Kasseldolls has decided to put most of its’ efforts into improving our dilute program.
We are very fortunate to have fantastic foundation cats including the first lilac color point and the first chocolate color point Ragdolls ever to Supreme in TICA!

Here are a few of our Kasseldolls produced chocolate and lilac babies!

home page pic

Kasseldolls Chocolate Tekila

Chocolate Lynx Bicolor Male
CFF Master Grand Champion
TICA Quadruple Grand Champion


Kasseldolls Avalanche is 2nd best in 8th International Ragdoll Congress!

Held in York PA November 2012
Lilac Lynx Bicolor 9 months old

Tekila on Ice head shot shrunk

Kasseldolls Tekila on Ice

Chocolate Lynx Bicolor Male

Makena 1 shrunk

Kasseldolls Makena

Lilac Bicolor Male

DSC01508 smaller   Madonna pam 8 shrunk

Madonna headshot2_(3) shrunk

Kasseldolls Madonna

Lilac Bicolor Female

cat in the box shrunk   sergio

Kasseldolls Sergio

Chocolate Bicolor Male

Ghirardeli shrunk ghirardel laying shrunk ghirardeli 2 shrunk

Kasseldolls Ghirardeli of CreekCats

Chocolate Color Point Male