Kassel Queens

Kasseldolls Ragdoll Queens

Kasseldolls’ Chocolate and Lilac program began with two exquisite Queens.

Ransdells Lilac Lady of Kasseldolls & Ransdells Bonfyer of Kasseldolls

lila black 3 000_5203 shrunk

These two girls were the beginning of something amazing.

We were privileged to own such beautiful Ragdolls!




Akila is the daughter of Kasseldols Hesheys Kisses and Kila A Chardani. She is a beautiful chocolate bicolor girl. Akilah has beautiful eye color, very nice Ragdol type and personality galore!  She is wrapped in soft bunny fur that makes her even sweeter than she all ready is!


Akilah has produced gorgeous babies who have been placed with only the best of the best breeders who know and appreciate the beautiful dilute Ragdolls!




Bitter Sweet is a gorgeous chocolate bicolor princess.   She is the daugther of Kasseldolls Akilah and SGC / MST Abayomis Izaiah of Kasseldolls.   Bitter Sweet has amazing head type.  She has a wonderful profile, strong chin, wonderful ears, and lovely eye color and shape.    Her body is flawless as well.  She has extremely nice boning and a great weight for a young girl.  In addition to having super type and beautiful eye color she an amazing coat as well!

bitter sweet shrunk
Bitter Sweet at 9 months old


whachamacallit shurnk 2


Kasseldolls Whatchamacallit is a beautiful chocolate lynx mitted.  She is the daughter of Hugaragdoll Brandy of Kasseldolls and Abayomis Izaiah of Kasseldolls.  Whatchamacallit was quite cute as a kitten but as she matured she became more beautiful each day.  As she matured she began to take on the finer qualities of both her parents.  She has beautiful eyes, a lovely profile, and a very nice strong chin.  She has very nice boning and is nice and solid.   Her gorgeous milk chocolate coloring is just perfect with all her points matching perfectly and her body is glacier white!

Whatchamacallit was never shown as she was shy as a kitten and young adult. However as she has become and adult she has settled in very nicely and has developed a friendly and out going personality. She is now the one who trips you as you walk by and runs across your path every chance she gets. Whatchamacallit will be a mom very soon and we are hoping for some wonderful babies from her!



neda shrunk


Here at the Kassel we had decided NOT to buy anymore cats and just hold back kittens of our own breeding.  BUT when we saw this girl we could not resist! We instantly fell in love and decided we HAD to have her!   Her name is Magical Neda of Kasseldolls and she is magical for sure.  She is a beautiful blue lynx mitted.  She has phenomenal type and great size and boning.   She has the most beautiful eyes and one look into them and you fall under her spell!

neda profile shrunk

Neda was shown both as a kitten and an adult and did very well in both classes. She earned year end top 20 wins in BOTH classes in the same year! She has gone to CFF, TICA and AACE shows. In every organization she has received best of breeds and finals including several BEST. This is an amazing accomplishment! She has wowed the judges with her great type, great boning and substantial weight. She always gets comments on her super markings and the beautiful blaze on her face that gives her that extra POP! Neda recently acheived her CFF Grand Championship title. She did so in only 2 and a half shows. This is an amazing accomplishment!