Ragdoll Colors

Ragdoll Colors – Descriptions and Pictures

Kasseldolls Ragdoll Cattery offers ONLY true blue eyed, pointed Ragdolls.

Hopefully the pictures of each pattern in each color will help you.
Beneath each set of pictures is the description of the color as well.
For descriptions of each pattern please see our Ragdoll Patten page.

Please remember Ragdolls are pointed cats and this means they get darker as they age.  A kitten will change dramatically as it matures.
Ragdolls reach full color at approximately 3 to 4 years of age.


The body color of the Seal Ragdoll should be a fawn or cream color. The points should be a deep seal color.



The body color of the Blue Ragdoll should be a slate gray or bluish tone. The Points should be a deeper grayish-blue tone.



The body of the Chocolate Ragdoll should be an ivory color. The points should be a warm milk chocolate color.



The body color of the Lilac Ragdoll should be an even milk white The points should be a lilac gray or pinkish tone



The body color of the Cream Ragdoll should be a very light cream color. The points should be darker but still a soft / pastel shade of cream.



The introduction of red or cream. The body and point color of a Tortie should match the description of the base color of the cat (See above) with patches of red or cream.



A Torbie is actually a Tortie lynx / a Torti with the tabby striping showing. The name “Torbie” derives from a Tortie that has a lynx gene (tabby stripes), but the cat may still be referred to as a Tortie, when technically it is a Torbie