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Here at the Kassel we pride ourselves on the kittens we produce. We strive to produce kittens that will be healthy, loveable and loyal. Please take a moment to view some of our past kittens in their new homes.




I just want to let you know that everything went great at the Vets, he was very impressed with her and thought she was just a beautiful kitten. He actually said he had not seen such a beautiful kitten like this in a long time. So a compliment to you. She really is a very sweet kitty and we just love her.

Thanks again for giving us such a sweet kitty.


mckenzie shrunk


It was so nice seeing you and your beautiful cats at the show this weekend.  I feel so fortunate to have met you and to own one of your beautiful Ragdolls.

I have attached a photo of our beautiful Bella, now a little over a year old, she is as sweet as she can be.  She is playful, affectionate, a wonderful eater and seems very intelligent, a real quick learner!  She has truly grown into a beautiful young lady.  Her name suits her well.

It is obvious how much you love these animals and that is probably what makes you such an excellent breeder. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to getting a second Ragdoll from you in years to come.

All the best,



This is our little beauty, Lillian Gertrude (named after my grandmother!), at seven and a half months old. Whenever anyone comes to our house and sees her, they cannot believe how gorgeous she is and want to know what kind of cat we have. Only one or two of my family and friends have ever heard of Ragdolls, and quite frankly, before I did some research over the summer on what kind of cat I wanted, neither had I! In all honesty, I never liked cats. But through some coaxing from my son Bryant, I looked into the Ragdolls and found Ken’s cattery. It was love at first sight. Lillian is so sweet, was easily trained to use her scratching posts, and just loves to be with us! She runs to the door whenever someone comes home and follows us all around. My husband, my two sons and I are grateful to have found such a helpful and knowledgeable breeder in Ken Staples – he truly loves his cats and now we know why!!!

Judianne, Gary, Gary Russell, and Bryant



Dear Ken, I am writing to you to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for allowing us the awesome privilege of expanding our “family”. We cannot express how much joy we have experienced since bringing our little Reese home to Virginia. Reese did great on the 9-hour car ride home, and she quickly became adapted to her new environment, which includes a golden retriever. They have become best buddies, and I often see Reese “kiss” Sydney on the nose as she whisks by her. The vet said that he had never seen such a beautiful, healthy kitten and was so impressed by your detailed paperwork and care. He said it was very rare to come across such a remarkable breeder. Everyone is in love with Reese. My friends actually call me just to see if they can pop over- not to see me- but to see Reese! Reese entertains us all by catching tissue paper with TWO paws, chasing remote controlled mice, chasing balls, (we are working on bringing them back to me…which she is quickly picking up), and playing in her cat tunnel. She loves sitting by my laptop as I work. The best thing is when I come home. I can hear her jump up from wherever she is and RUN to greet me at the door with the sweetest, happiest squeal and purr! She is just the best companion! I am hoping to come back to your cattery in the near future to pick out another cat for my daughter who has requested one as a gift for her college graduation. I think that really says how special your ragdolls are…a college student not asking for a car, but asking for a ragdoll cat from Ken as a college graduation gift. Thank you so much for all you do! God bless you!

Jennifer Finch Stook





Chloe has grown from a healthy playful kitten into a striking young lady.  She is an indoor only cat, but under close supervision, she’s allowed on the deck to “take time to smell the flowers”.  Chloe has all the qualities we hoped to get in a Ragdoll—she’s friendly, affectionate—loves those belly rubs, has had no health problems, and adapted easily to our two other cats.  She brings us joy every single day, and we thank you greatly for being such an excellent breeder. Your guidance through the entire process of making Chloe a valued member of our family has made this such a positive experience.




past-tedee past-kassie

My sister Ann and I first met Ken at the pet expo in Providence, RI several years ago. I am now the proud “mom” of Kassey and Teddee. Kudos to Ken throughout the whole process: talking to us at the show, answering questions prior to and after purchasing my “boys.” I felt comfortable and very satisfied purchasing healthy and beautiful kittens from Ken. I was impressed with the health guarantee, the kittens socialization, and Ken’s concerns after purchasing the kittens – how are they doing, etc. Kassey and Teddee have brought so much joy and love to my home. It is exciting to watch them mature each day – they are now 15 months old and weigh 14 lbs. They are gorgeous, have personality plus, and most of all they love being with you. They also adjusted quite well with my “other boys.”



Dear Ken,

It was a pleasure to refer a friend and neighbor of ours to purchase a Ragdoll kitten from you. Gail is as thrilled as we are to have such a lovely feline as our house pet; though sometimes I think our Ragdoll, Chloe, thinks we are HER pets.
We’ve had Chloe for almost a year now, and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much for being a competent and honest breeder. There are some breeders out there who give a bad name to people like you and Don. The minute I walked into your home, I could tell from the cleanliness that we had found the right breeder.
As we brag about our Ragdoll and people ask us where we bought her, it is with confidence that I can say “Kasseldolls,” with the hope that they will contact you. I’m sure that they’ll be as satisfied with your service as we have been.
Best regards,



After 18 years I had to have my cat put to sleep 3 days before Thanksgiving.  I didn’t want another kitten right away.  It took about a month before I realized that I really needed a kitty in our home.  While my hubby is not a cat friendly person, I kept putting it off.  I had checked out Ken’s website almost every day and just fell in love with his kittens.  Needless to say, my birthday was coming up and I fell in love with this beauty.  She is everything I had hoped for.  She is lovable, talkative, playful, sweet and full of love.  And should I add, my hubby is in love with her!  It is more than I could have hoped for.

I got to visit with Bella before I made my decision and was hooked.  Ken is a caring, considerate breeder and friend.  He raises the most beautiful animals on this earth!

Now that my children are grown and away at school and almost never home, we now have an empty nest that has been filled with joy!

Thank you Ken.



lola and baby doll

I had to wait 4 months before my kitten was availalbe, but it was well worth the wait. I was able to see the mom before she had her babies and how she lived, that was very important to me, and the place was immaculate. Lola is our precious girl. She has 3 dogs to play with, which she gets along great with. Every thing you hear about Ragdolls is absolutely true, they love to be around people and to be held. Lola is just a wonderful girl and a great addition to our family. Thank you Ken.


janet 2

I had just lost a 16 year old kitty to heart disease and wasn’t ready for a new kitten yet but knew that I would be in a few months. I show and breed Champion retrievers and as a reputable breeder, I was looking for the same things in a cat breeder that I recommend people look for in a dog breeder. I hadn’t really settled on a breed of cat yet when I found Kasseldolls’ website. In reviewing the website I found that this breeder met all of the requirements that I wanted. I met Ken at a cat show a few weeks later and met SIR LI and CHOCCO, not only did the cats have the temperment I wanted and were beautiful but Ken was great. He was patient when I could not decide on a color and pattern, he is funny and knowlegeable and a that moment I decided that he was the person i wanted as a breeder, a person I could trust to be doing the right thing for his kittens. When you are purchasing a family member, you are also forging a relationship with the breeder of that pet and I decided that Ken was the person that I could trust and work with. Janet is officially Kasseldolls Identity Crisis and yes there is a story there but you will have to ask Ken about it, she is beautiful and has the best temperament, she is sweet and low key but has no problem keeping our 5 retrievers in line. The point here is that my next kitten will also be a Ragdoll and will be coming from Kasseldolls !!!


Harry- shrunk

Here are a couple of pictures of my sweet Harry.  I just adore him.  All he wants to do is just hang out wherever I am. That is unless he is participating in one of his other favorite past times, snuggling up with me and playing with his toys with me!   And I do enjoy how, everyday, he charges down the stairs to greet me at the door when I come home from work It is rather funny to see. He greets me at the door just like a dog does…. funny, huh!   All he is looking for is some tickles and snuggles and then he is happy as a clam!  He has the sweetest and cutest personality and is quite trainable.  He even sits on command!  Ha-Ha!   🙂

I’ll keep in touch from time to time to let you know how Harry is….but I do want you to know how happy I am with him….  He is just a wonderful addition to my family and is loved by all!

Thanks for breeding such healthy, happy kittens!   You have made my first experience as a cat owner a most wonderful one!  (and this is coming from a person who grew up having dogs as her only pets!)

Thanks so much!